Is your website using responsive design?

In 2019, smartphone and tablet usage will continue to rise. This will make responsive design more and more important. Responsive design for your website takes all the information that is available to a user visiting on a desktop computer and arranges it to work well on a tablet or phone. Mobile usage has steadily been rising, but mobile usage has recently surpassed desktop usage for how people access the internet. This makes it extra important to make sure your information is easily readable on mobile devices to avoid losing potential patients.

Google has also been pushing for websites to move to mobile-responsive design with recent changes to its algorithm. In July 2018, Google switched to mobile-first indexing to rank sites in its search engine. What this means is that Google will visit the mobile version of your website to scan for information, where previously it used the desktop website. Having a mobile website with easy access to all your information can help you move up in search rankings and surpass competitors’ sites.